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Team Bari Life


We invite you to meet the Bari Life Team. Bariatric surgery is the beginning of a new way of life. With less pain and more energy you can enjoy moments you may have missed before because of health problems and know that you can improve step by step. We want to help you succeed by providing the nutritional resources essential to a better, healthier life after bariatric surgery.

Each of us brings knowledge and skills as part of the Bari Life Team. Dr. Stephen Boyce created Bari Life for patients of his bariatric surgery practice, one of the first Centers of Excellence in the nation. As demand for Bari Life has increased beyond our own patients, the Bari Life family of products has become its own growing business. At the heart of this business is the Boyce family who carry forward the commitment through their efforts, talents and dedication..

Bari Life® is formulated to be effective and more convenient to take, making it twice as likely patients will stay on track. Patients taking Bari Life® supplements are significantly less likely to develop deficiencies and more likely to succeed in their new life after surgery.

Team Bari Life

You are joining a growing number of patients who have made the choice, “Bari Life…It’s for me!” Bari Life is the easy choice because patients get what they need to succeed economically and conveniently. Your success after bariatric surgery is our mission. From each of us, congratulations and our best wishes on this exciting new chapter in your life.

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