Our Story

Our Story

Bari Life® is the Success Story of people who found hope, a second chance to live more fully with a lifestyle commitment. The formula for continued success after bariatric surgery is a supplement created by a bariatric surgeon for his own patients.
Bari Life® is the formulation that helps patients keep a healthy promise, and it makes that commitment easier to swallow – more convenient, more economical, and more nutritionally complete.
Why Bari Life Vitamins

What Makes Us Unique?

The Bari Life® formula was customized by a surgeon for his own patients based on research of hundreds of real patients and the highest industry standards. Dietitians already knew and loved the product because they saw fewer deficiencies. The research and products met with the enthusiastic reviews of
patients and dietitians, support from other surgeons, and the endorsement of a highly qualified medical review board. Now, Bari Life® is confidently taking this proprietary, proven blend forward to others who need it. Patients get what they need to succeed more economically and conveniently.

Our vanilla scented coating on the non-chewable multivitamin tablet melts away to make it easy to swallow. Or add our multivitamin powder to your favorite beverage! Either way, it smells good, goes down easy and its a convenient way to get everything you need.

For many patients, bariatric surgery was the only hope to get healthy, to enjoy life, to live longer. In one surgery, five diseases can be cured. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, apnea….

More than 25 years ago, Dr. Stephen Boyce was a surgical resident studying with one of the pioneers of bariatric surgery, Dr. Otto Wilbanks. As a student in the pioneering days of bariatrics, he followed the lives of patients whose lives were changed. And, the dramatic changes he saw became part of his own calling.

What We Believe

It is like a new person emerging, a transformation to “Be You,” to be able to enjoy life with more energy. As that new person transforms, we want to help them protect and promote that newfound freedom and renewed confidence in a world that stigmatizes obesity.
Sadly, patients risk nutritional deficiencies, suffering from bone or muscle loss or even paralysis or night blindness just because they neglected to take the right supplements. Bari Life® helps them make that lifestyle commitment to continue to enjoy the new person they have finally become.
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