Bariatric Vitamins

Bari Life® aims to provide the highest quality bariatric vitamins to make life after surgery more manageable. Clinically proven, patients taking Bari Life® supplements are significantly less likely to develop deficiencies and more likely to succeed in their new life after bariatric surgery. Our bariatric vitamins are designed specifically for gastric bypass, vertical sleeve, duodenal switch and lap-band patients. Shop our online store or call 1-855-438-6527 (9am-5pm EST) to place a phone order!

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While you know that a great vitamin and mineral supplement regimen is important for after surgery, the standard "vitamin regimen" can miss some other important needs. Every patient is different and some develop deficiencies with one nutrient while others develop a completely different deficiency. This is where additional supplements can make a regimen perfect!

Anything from an iron deficiency to hair loss or digestive imbalance, Bari Life has a solution for you. Explore our additional options that will help to keep you healthy and living your new life to the fullest!

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