Complete Multivitamin Powder

First phase of healing after bariatric surgery

The Bari Life® multivitamin powder was created with the immediately post-operative patient in mind. While the stomach is healing a non-chewable tablet may be more difficult for the patient to absorb.

The powder allows the patient to maximize nutrient absorption while they are in the healing process. Simply add water, juice, protein shakes and more. As with the non-chewable multivitamin tablet, the multivitamin powder is a complete, all-in-one formula that requires no additional supplements to meet the Clinical Practice Guidelines.

The powder is adequate for all bariatric procedure types, but the dosage changes for each procedure type. The multivitamin powder is delivered in scoops - 1 scoop of Bari Life multivitamin powder equals 3 Bari Life multivitamin tablets. Shop online from our selection of Bariatric Multivitamin Powders or call 1-855-438-6527 (9am-5pm EST) to place a phone order!

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