Weight Loss = Consistent Effort

By Derek

Healthy Lifestyle SphereUndergoing weight loss surgery requires that we take vitamins and mineral supplements every day for the rest of our lives. Our bodies will be adjusted such that we are physically unable to consume the quantity of food we need to meet the required vitamins for our bodies. In addition, some surgical procedures decrease our ability to digest and absorb certain vitamins and mineral supplements. That being said, our vitamins and supplements are not entirely like magic potions that will miraculously make you healthy. They are just part of a bigger picture which entails establishing new lifestyle habits and practicing them over time, until they naturally become part of our everyday life.

We encourage you to develop the following habits as you take Bari Life vitamins and supplements:


As much as the surgery itself will restrict the amount of food you can eat; which in turn makes you start losing weight, exercise is also important. Start small by for example, walking around your back yard for 10 minutes every day. You will soon get your fitness level up and be able to take on more intense exercises. Regular exercise not only improves your health, but also boosts your self-esteem. Frequent exercises complimented by the vitamins and supplements provided to you by Bari Life will speed up your journey into a healthy life.


Not being afraid of food

It may sometimes sound logical to those trying to lose weight to extremely restrict their daily caloric intake. However, there is a big problem with this old school of thought. Limiting the quantity of food eaten actually slows metabolism. This means that fewer fats get burned and therefore get deposited beneath our skin. We ensure you get the right vitamins and supplements but on top of that eating the right amounts of food is necessary for your weight loss goal. We recommend eating smaller meals every three to four hours so as to aid metabolism and weight loss.


Careful shopping

Pay a close attention on food labels. Avoid products that contain for example, high fructose corn syrup which do not get digested by the body and go directly to fat. This will make a big difference since there are lots of excellent substitutes out there which don’t contain these ingredients and taste equally good. Our diet plans provides you with the vitamins and supplements needed to complement these products.

Remembering to take your vitamins and other supplements becomes tricky sometimes. You may have adopted the above habits and miss out on this simple thing. We advise you to set your cell phone or watch alarm for the time you are supposed to take them and leave the bottle where you are sure to see it.

To your health!

The Bari Life Team

Bari Life is high quality bariatric vitamins that are clinically proven supplements to help in post bariatric surgery.

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