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The Bari Life® vitamin formula has been clinically proven to significantly reduce deficiencies in post-surgical bariatric patients. Verified by the largest study of its kind, Published In Obesity Surgery, Bari Life® doubles patient compliance with supplement use and reduces vitamin deficiencies by 80 to 90 percent.

Doubles patient compliance
Reduces vitamin deficiencies 80 to 90%

Clinically Proven to Help Prevent Development of Vitamin Deficiencies* by:

Bari Life Doubles Patient Compliance

The statistical data of 309 post bariatric surgical patients verified the benefits of Bari Life® vitamins, as reported in Obesity Surgery, the official journal of the International Federation For The Surgery Of Obesity And Metabolic Disorders. The graph above shows the results and effectiveness of Bari Life vitamins.  Patients taking the Complete Bari Life® Vitamin Tablet or Complete Bari Life® Vitamin Powder were 80% less likely to develop an Iron deficiency, 90% less likely to develop a Vitamin A deficiency, 83% less likely to develop a Vitamin B-1 deficiency, 89% less likely to develop a Vitamin B-12 deficiency and 80% less likely to develop a Vitamin D deficiency.