General Questions

Can I take Bari Life vitamins if I haven’t had bariatric surgery?

Absolutely! Bari Life vitamins, while they were designed for weight loss surgery patients, are used by non-surgical patients everywhere. Bari Life vitamins are safe for people to take who haven’t had bariatric surgery. The only thing that changes is the dosage which you can find on the product page or product label. Bari Life vitamins and supplements are formulated to address the health needs of adults at all ages. Whether you’re an athlete, on a diet or just want to make sure you get all of the essential nutrients recommended for a healthy body, Bari Life vitamins offer all of the essential nutrients your body needs in one formula.

Do I need to take more than the multivitamins?

Our multivitamins will give you more than 100% of the RDA and fill in the gaps where nutrients are needed. This is an effective, high potency formula that works! You’ll be feeling more energized and satisfied in no time when you begin the Bari Life vitamin regimen.

How can calcium and iron be taken together? Is that okay?

There are 2 main forms of iron: Heme iron and Non-Heme iron. Heme iron is found in red meats, poultry and fish. Non-Heme iron is found in plants and animal tissue and it is also the form of iron used in our vitamin supplements. Studies show that non-heme iron has little to no competition with calcium. In other words, you are able to take your iron supplements and your calcium supplements together without worrying about absorbing the iron. Click Here to read more about calcium and iron.

Can the vitamins make me feel nauseous?

Supplementing with any vitamin can cause some people to feel nauseous, especially if you are not used to taking vitamins. If you are just beginning to take vitamins we recommend spacing out the dosage. If you are a Gastric Bypass or Sleeve patient and you are taking our Multivitamin Tablet then you will need 6 a day and we recommend spreading out the dosage. For example, instead of taking 3 Bari Life tablets in the morning and 3 at night we recommend taking 1 every few hours or taking 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 at night. The same goes for the multivitamin powder. If you are supposed to take 2 scoops of powder a day we recommend taking 1/2 scoop at a time. If you are experiencing nausea contact your health care professional.

Are the protein food supplements safe for me to eat if I haven’t had weight loss surgery?

Yes! Most Definitely! In fact, Bari Life protein supplements are perfect for people on low calorie, high protein diets. If you do not want to sacrifice taste for low calorie and high protein food options then Bari Life products should be a staple in your diet. Anyone who is looking for better tasting protein bars or a savory bag of chips with protein without the calories and fat need to have Bari Life supplements in their life! You are missing out if you don’t have them already! If you are interested in the diet plans that use Bari Life supplements entirely, then you should contact a medical professional to help create your meal plan. The plans that we have designed do not provide enough calories for someone who has not had weight loss surgery.

Who do I contact for samples of your vitamins?

When available we offer samples of the Complete Bari Life Multivitamin Powder. Please email us at info@barilife.com to request the samples if they are available. In the email please include all appropriate information such as your name and shipping address. (We are out of samples at this time – last update 3/30/2017. We will update this when they are available.

Auto-Refill Questions

I received an email stating my subscription order has failed. What do I do?

You will need to call our toll free number 1-855-438-6527 or email us at info@barilife.com to speak with a customer service representative to help pinpoint the reason for the issue. This should be done in a timely manner to insure your package is shipped out on the specified date.

How do I cancel or change the frequency of my subscription?

You can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time. All you have to do is call our toll free number 1-855-438-6527 and our team will take care of this for you.

Shipping Questions

What are your shipping and delivery charges?

It’s dependent upon the weight, location of delivery and shipping method. These are calculated by the carriers and we do not up-charge the cost of any shipment. All orders over $100 ship for free unless the package is to be delivered to Hawaii or Alaska.

Where do we ship to?

The U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska. And Canada! (See next question)

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! Bari Life ships to Canada! There is no free shipping offer for orders going to Canada. The free shipping for over $100 dollars only applies to the inland states. If you are ordering vitamins to be shipped to Canada you can only order a 3 month supply of vitamins at a time. There is no limit on the amount of protein food supplements you order (you can order as much as you want).

When does the package ship?

Orders are processed for shipment within 48 hours (Monday-Friday excluding holidays). Orders placed before 11:00 am EST Monday-Friday will typically be shipped the same day.

How long does shipping take?

Once the package leaves our facility the package can take up to 5-7 business days to reach its final destination. Your shipping dates start counting from the date of shipping, not the day ordered! Please allow 48 business hours for your tracking information to update. Your delivery date arrival is just an ESTIMATE and is not always exact.

How do I track my package?

We send a tracking link to track your package in all shipping confirmation emails! If you place a phone order be sure to give your email address, so we can send you the tracking.

I did not receive a shipping or order confirmation?

Please email us at info@barilife.com to confirm your order was placed. Our emails could be ending up in your spam box or an incorrect email was entered at the time of checkout. Call our toll free number 1-855-438-6527 and we can provide you the tracking number that way as well.

My package was not delivered or is lost?

In the event that you do not receive your package or feel that it has been misplaced you may contact us for tracking information. In most cases this is Carrier issue and you will need to file a claim with the appropriate carrier immediately. Instructions for filing a claim are posted on both USPS and UPS websites.