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All In One Bariatric Vitamin

"I get my bariatric vitamins in one pill per day!"

Ditch the complicated, all-day vitamin routine. Get what you need to stay healthy in just one pill.

You had bariatric surgery to improve your health – but what about your lifestyle?

It’s time to trash the handfuls of vitamins.

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Developed by a bariatric surgeon

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Less than $0.50 per day

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Replaces multiple separate supplements

JustOne90 Supplement Facts

Directions: Take one tablet daily if you’ve had gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery.


Just one pill – it doesn’t get much simpler.

Just One Multivitamin

Learn why bariatric patients love taking just One Pill Per Day!

“This is the best vitamin for Sleeve Gastrectomy. I’ve taken for a couple years and works perfectly! – Gina L.”

“Best part? You only need 1 daily and you’re covered”

“Love this one a day. So much easier for me and my lifestyle. – Inez R.”

“Love the “One tablet” option. So much easier for traveling. Automatic renewal and shipping makes this perfect. – Pam B.”

“Energy up, spacey feeling gone, feeling of well being normal. Thank you! – Alison A.

After my gastric bypass surgery, I had to take six multivitamins each day. I love the convenience of the Just One multivitamin! I always get great service from BariLife. Shipping is fast! – Lynn J.