Just One: Once Daily Bariatric Multivitamin + Iron

The Just One Formula:
Daily Bariatric Multivitamin + Iron

Just One is a popular once-daily bariatric multivitamin with 45mg of iron. You can choose to take it in a tablet form or as a delicious chewable.

Get your bariatric multivitamin + iron in one chew or tablet per day

Just One is a once-daily bariatric multivitamin with 45mg of iron. It is available as both a tablet and a delicious chew.

This means you get ASMBS recommended values for all of your multivitamin needs & iron in a simple, single dose.

Research shows that as a medication regimen’s complexity increases, long-term compliance decreases. So, if the opposite holds true then the simpler the regimen, the higher the long-term compliance. This is what we want out of a bariatric multivitamin.

We want you to prevent vitamin & mineral deficiencies for life and to do that you need a sustainable solution.

To make sure you always have the vitamins available on your schedule, you can buy a month’s supply at a time or save by choosing the 3, 6 or 12-month options.

How to use Just One Multivitamin

For post-bariatric surgery patients, begin by taking with food for the first 4 weeks. Bariatric vitamins are high-potency and can take some time to adjust to them if you’re not used to taking a bariatric-strength multivitamin.

Taking it with a little bit of food makes this a non-issue.

After that, it’s just about taking it every day so you can reap the benefits (i.e. prevent deficiencies and stay healthy). Whatever ends up working best with your schedule is what you should do.

Pro Tip: Keep the bottle out on your bathroom vanity so you see it right when you wake up. This can be the best time to take your vitamins because you’re not distracted yet!

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Rated 5 stars

I’ve never been able to take vitamins without it making me nauseous, especially with iron. After my sleeve I could not take capsules because when they broke open in my smaller Stomach I would get so sick. These have not made me sick at all. I hate taking pills so to me they are a little hard to take but I still recommend them!

Philena R.

Just One: Once Daily Bariatric Multivitamin + Iron

Just One 30ct. - Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron

Just one a day

Rated 5 stars

I'm truly grateful to have found a chewable vitamin with everything I need, no need to take extra iron or extra B12 this has it all.


Just One Chewable: Once Daily Bariatric Multivitamin + Iron

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Overall rating 5 out of 5

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