2-Week Post-op Liquid Diet


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The 2-Week Post-op Liquid Diet is an all-in-one package that gives you the perfectly balanced plan for your Phase 1 Liquid Diet after your bariatric surgery. The 2-week plan is ideal for Gastric Bypass patients.

Sleeve and Duodenal Switch patients can opt for the 4 Week Post-op Liquid Diet Bundle.

*Substitutions may be made based on individual product availability.

4 Phase Diet – Phase 1: Liquid Protein Diet

Liquid Phase-Phase 1

What's included in the bundle*

  • 4x Beef with Pasta Protein Soup
  • 4x Cream of Chicken Protein Soup
  • 3x Instant Pineapple Orange Protein Drink (6 pack)
  • 3x Instant Chocolate Protein Drink (6 pack)

*Substitutions may be made based on individual product availability.

Goals for Phase 1 - Liquid Diet:

– Supply the body with 64 oz. fluids per day
– Get adequate protein per day:

Women: >60 grams
Men: >75 grams
BPD/DS: >90 grams

– Begin Powder Multivitamins
– Keep the pouch safe while it heals

What is the Liquid Diet?

Post-surgery, you’ll go straight into Phase 1 (the liquid diet). It lasts 2-4 weeks depending on your surgery type, and during this phase, you’ll consume only liquids with a goal of getting enough fluids and hydration to help with healing.

How long is the Liquid Phase?

Why Do I Need to Do a Liquid Diet?

The most important reason for a liquid phase is to help you stay hydrated. Immediately after surgery, it’s common for patients to feel nauseous and experience vomiting. This can cause severe dehydration which can send you back to the hospital in severe cases.

Also, right after surgery the GI tract is healing and isn’t ready for rough or bulky foods. Liquids are gentle on your surgery site, you don’t want any pressure or stretching happening at this point post-op.

The Problem with Most Liquid Diets

Most liquid diets, especially clear liquid diets include recommended fluids like this:

  • Apple juice
  • Grape juice
  • Chicken broth
  • Decaffeinated coffee or tea

The problem is that none of these fluids have protein. Getting enough protein after bariatric surgery is important for wound healing and for feeling full, which is tough on a liquid diet.

Studies show that wound healing is much better when the patient consistently consumes enough protein.

Bari Life’s Protein Liquid Phase

Bari life’s answer is to utilize high-quality liquid protein supplements. This includes:

As well as other approved fluids like:

  • Sugar-free sports drinks
  • Crystal light
  • Flavored waters (flat, not sparkling)
  • V8 Fusion light, Diet V8 Splash & V8 Juice (not dilute)
  • Skim or 1% Milk
  • All store brand juices (Welches, Juicy Juice, Mots for Tots…etc.) dilute regular version, do not dilute light version
  • Decaffeinated tea and coffee
  • G2 by Gatorade
  • V8 Fusion, Smoothie (diluted)

Liquid Phase Juice Rule:

  • If the juice has > 15g of carbs per 8 oz, dilute the juice with water 50% (½ water ½ juice)
  • If the juice has < 15g of carbs per 8 oz, do not dilute with water.

Liquid Diet Instructions

  • Mix up and drink 6 Bari Life servings per day
  • Add in diluted juice throughout the day if you need some carbohydrates for energy, just follow the juice rules above
  • Don’t add any other foods/beverages (other than approved juices) during this time period

Thats it.