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Just One 30ct. – Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron


Just One is a once-daily multivitamin with iron for bariatric patients who want to know they’re getting all of their nutrients without having to take handfuls of pills every day.

  • Each bottle is a one (1) month supply for Gastric Bypass and Sleeve patients
  • One fast-dissolving pill per day
  • Formulated based on the most recent ASMBS Nutritional Guidelines
  • Designed specifically for gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy patients
  • Developed using the expertise of an entire team of Bariatric medical professionals
  • Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility

Just One – Complete Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron
Once daily bariatric multivitamin + 45mg Iron

(1 Month Supply: 30 Non-Chewable Tablets)

Just one allows Gastric Bypass and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy patients to get all of their multivitamin needs plus iron in one easy-to-swallow pill.Just One Pill

Inside one single pill you get the ASMBS values for:

Just One provides all of your multivitamin needs plus the recommended daily values for iron.

Just One was formulated and developed by a team of Bariatric Medical Professionals with one goal:

Help bariatric patients get the nutrients they need to stay healthy

Over the years we’ve learned when it comes to a bariatric vitamin regimen the simpler the better. That’s why we combined all of your Vitamin + Iron needs into one single pill for complete ease of use.

What is the difference between Just One and the Complete Bariatric Multivitamin Tablet?
How to make Just One a complete Bariatric Vitamin Regimen
What makes Just One special?
Bariatric Surgeon Seal of Approval

Bari Life is the only bariatric supplement company with an entire Bariatric Medical Team standing behind it. Just One was formulated in the offices of Dr. Stephen Boyce, leading bariatric surgeon in the country.

1 Pill Per Day

Just One provides bariatric patients their entire daily iron needs.

Instead of separating everything out which creates a confusing and inconvenient schedule, Just One adds it in for complete ease of use.

Vanilla Scented

Just One is coated in a mild vanilla scent so you never have to experience that awful “vitamin smell” that you hate so much.

Each time you open the bottle you’ll be delighted, not disgusted

Easy Swallow Coating

Unlike most capsules that are available, Just One’s easy swallow coating turns the outside of the pill into a slippery surface that makes the pill easy to swallow even for “pill haters.”


Just One is the easiest way for bariatric patients (Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Patients) to get all of their Multivitamin and Iron daily requirements. What Just One does not have included is Calcium.

Bariatric patients must add a quality Calcium Supplement to their daily regimen when taking Just One.

Per the ASMBS Nutritional Guidelines, Bariatric Patients are recommended to take 1,200mg – 2,400mg of Calcium from Citrate daily depending on the procedure.

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