Are Your Bariatric Vitamins Up To Industry Standards?

Not all vitamins are created equal

If you want to know for 100% certain that you’re getting the nutrition you need to meet the ASMBS Guidelines and stay healthy then you’re in the right place…

You are unique. You have specific needs.

It may surprise you to learn that pretty much anyone can put the word “Bariatric” on their vitamin label. What makes this even worse is if the product isn’t actually formulated as a bariatric product there’s no one to enforce their wrong-doing…

This is a real product called “Bariatric Complete” Multivitamin

Are Your Bariatric Vitamins Up To Industry Standards? Bari Life

There’s actually only one master reference available that gives you, the patient, the information you need to make an informed vitamin supplement buying decision:

The ASMBS Guidelines

What’s the ASMBS and Why Did It Publish “Guidelines”

For many years, bariatric patients have been plagued with malnutrition because their vitamin recommendations were based on unprecise educated guesses.

Finally, in 2008, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) put an end to patient suffering by creating the ASMBS Guidelines.

How to Use the Guidelines For Your Health

The ASMBS Guidelines immediately gave context to the obvious advice “take vitamins after bariatric surgery.”

These guidelines allowed you to answer the questions:

“Am I taking enough vitamins after bariatric surgery?”

“Am I taking the right kinds of vitamins after bariatric surgery?”

“Is there something missing from my bariatric vitamins?”

You’re actually able to answer these questions using the ASMBS Guidelines…

The first thing you should do is compare your vitamins (or vitamins you’re thinking about taking) to the ASMBS Guidelines. This can be really tricky because virtually all bariatric vitamins are going to see say that they “Meet the ASMBS Guidelines.”

It’s your job to put them to the test.

For a quick reference, here is a “fast and simple” downloadable worksheet you can use to check your vitamins:

Free Vitamin Worksheet Template

Are Your Bariatric Vitamins Up To Industry Standards? Bari Life

Take all of your vitamins that you take in a day and compare the totals to the ASMBS Guidelines. This is the ONLY way that you can be sure that you’re taking the right amounts of vitamins every single day.

Another way is to use our Online Bariatric Vitamin Calculator – it does all the math for you so you don’t have to do anything but enter the values of your current supplements. You’ll get a personalized report sent right to your inbox. You can print it out, show it to your friends or even take it to your next follow up with your dietitian!

Online Bariatric Vitamin Calculator

What happens if you don’t follow the ASMBS Guidelines?

One of our customers, Amy, took our products for years. Ever since her surgery, her labs were solid and her health and weight loss were great. But one day she wondered if she might be able to save some money by switching to a different supplement.

She looked around and found a product that she thought it was good for her, it said it was a Bariatric Multivitamin so she made the switch.

Are Your Bariatric Vitamins Up To Industry Standards? Bari Life

3 years later Amy had a terrible accident. Going into her 4th surgery her orthopedic surgeon actually couldn’t perform the repair that he had planned on. Unfortunately, the surgeon was not able to do the repair because her “bones were mushy” as he put it.

Her bones were not structurally stable enough to make the repair due to the Osteoporosis.

Before her accident, Amy thought she was doing what she was supposed to in order to keep herself healthy. She thought her new vitamins were good for her…

It wasn’t until her accident that she realized she’d been neglecting her calcium.

Our Goal is to Make Your Long-Term Health Permanent, Simple and Affordable

It’s much more profitable for a company to make you purchase three, four, or even five different supplements.

They’ll claim that you “maximize absorption” by strictly scheduling out your vitamins throughout your busy day, and separating ingredients so they don’t “compete for absorption.”

Not only is this unnecessarily expensive – it also makes it harder for you to build a simple, easy-to-follow supplement routine that’s vital to your health post-surgery.

We believe bariatric surgery should free you from complicated, expensive and limiting regimens. Not make it more difficult for you to stay healthy.

The simpler a vitamin regimen is, the more likely you are to stick to it. That’s a fact for anyone. That’s why we talk about bariatric vitamins in terms of a “regimen,” not individual supplements.

We package Bari Life individual supplements into simple and easy-to-understand regimens based on ASMBS guidelines. You can be certain that you’re getting the nutrients you need, packaged in a way that makes it easy for you to stick with it.

The Bottom Line: Make sure your supplements meet the one thing that matters – the ASMBS Standard

Don’t let supplement companies tell you to follow them blindly and believe without hesitation what their labels claim. Do a quick check of your supplements and always remember this:

You need to meet the ASMBS Guidelines DAILY to prevent deficiencies.

Need help evaluating bariatric vitamins? Check out this cool free calculator we made for you to put your supplements (and ours) to the official test.

Online Bariatric Vitamin Calculator

Best Bariatric Vitamins to Meet the ASMBS Guidelines

The Complete Formulas are available in an easy-to swallow tablet form or a powder that you mix in water.

Are Your Bariatric Vitamins Up To Industry Standards? Bari Life

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