Pre Op Starter Kit


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Bariatric Pre-Surgery Vitamin Kit
The vitamins you need to prepare for surgery

Pre Op Starter Kit

At least one micronutrient deficiency was present in 85.5% of pre-bariatric surgery patients, according to a 2020 study that evaluated 200 pre-operative bariatric patients.

With so many things to think about before your surgery, your vitamins shouldn’t be one of them.

Grab our Pre-Op Vitamin Starter Kit full of everything you need to stay fit and healthy and ready for your big day.

PLUS: Get over $100 worth of free digital downloads and bonuses with every kit.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula (As a tablet or drinkable powder) – 180 tablets/ 30 Days supply for our powder
  2. Bariatric Balance Probiotics – 30 Tablets
  3. Vitamin B1 – 100 Tablets

What's included in the Pre-Op Starter Kit

Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula

  • Our best-selling original regimen for 10+ years
  • Includes all the Vitamins, Minerals, Iron and Calcium Citrate you need
  • Vanilla scented, Non-chewable pill or Watermelon powder drink mix

Bariatric Balance - 1 month supply

Bariatric Balance Multi-Probiotic

  • Vegetarian capsule
  • 1 capsule per day is enough to restore normal gut health
  • 8 different bacteria
  • 15 billion colony forming units (CFUs)

Vitamin B1

  • Small tablet easy-to-swallow
  • Supports energy metabolism and nervous system health
  • It may improve digestive muscle tone
  • 1 tablet a day gives 100mg B1
  • Reputed to be a mosquito and insect repellent when 100mg or more is taken daily
  • Improve dental post-operative and dry socket pain and healing
  • 100 tablets

FREE Bonuses

Pre-Surgery Bonuses

Every start kit also comes with these free bonuses:

  1. Ultimate Pre-Op Guide: This 24 page guide teaches you everything you need to know before your surgery. Including guides to the 5 types of bariatric surgery, the perfect pre-op diet and much more…
  2. Gastric Sleeve Success Rate: In this in-depth medical article we break down everything you need to know about getting a gastric sleeve, including why some fail and 3 eating habits that are linked to weight regain after surgery.
  3. Gastric Bypass Success Rate: You’ll learn exactly what you need to do, and activities to avoid, to become a gastric bypass success in the short term and long term.
  4. Long Term Diet Secrets: Learn the best secrets we’ve found from over 7,000+ bariatric surgeries. Including 11 rules to make your long term diet work, 16 great foods to eat and the most important rule for a long term diet.
  5. How can I tell if my liver is shrinking? This 8 page guide tells you why shrinking your liver before surgery is so important and the best way to do it.
  6. 7 Bariatric Calculators: Easily calculate your Body Mass Index, Base Metabolic Rate, your total calories burnt per day, calories to eat per day, what macronutrients you need, your estimated weight loss by procedure and your vitamin intake with our simple online calculators.