BariBurst Calcium Citrate Soft Chews

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After surgery, you can’t get enough of this mineral naturally

It’s virtually impossible for bariatric patients to get enough Calcium through diet alone.

A 2018 Belgian Scientific Paper published in Science Direct reported that:

“Bariatric surgery has proven to be a valuable treatment option… However, these procedures can lead to impaired intestinal absorption of calcium and vitamin D”

Basically, after surgery your stomach can’t naturally absorb all the Calcium that you need.

Our Founder, Dr.Stephen Boyce M.D. knows this better than most, having carried out over 8,000+ bariatric surgeries and created our tasty Calcium Citrate Chews.

Available in 4 delicious flavors


Bariatric Calcium Citrate Soft Chews

Butter Toffee

Sour Grape

Fruit Punch (NEW)

Why you need calcium

You need calcium for:

  • Healthy teeth.
  • Blood clotting.
  • Healthy bones.
  • Nerve functions.
  • Muscle contraction.
  • Normal heart rhythm.

But getting calcium from regular food won’t necessarily help.

The ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) recommends you get AT LEAST 1,500mg of calcium EVERY DAY.

To do that you need a special kind of calcium.

One that is more easily absorbed by your stomach as it heals.

Calcium Citrate.

That’s why we made our delicious Calcium Citrate chews.

Just 3 of these every day will give you all the Calcium you need.