Gastric Bypass Starter Kit

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The vitamins you need for Gastric Bypass

After surgery, you need time to rest and recover, that’s when you want everything on auto-pilot so you can concentrate on healing.

Grab our Gastric Bypass Vitamin Starter Kit full of everything you need to get back to your healthy self after surgery.

PLUS: Get over $100 worth of free digital downloads and bonuses with every kit.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Just One Tablet / Chewable – 30 Tablets
  2. Bariburst Calcium Chews – 30 Days Supply
  3. Bariatric Balance Probiotics – 30 Tablets
  4. Vitamin B1 – 100 Tablets

What's included in the Gastric Bypass Starter Kit


  • Our best-selling original regimen for 10+ years
  • Includes all the Vitamins, Minerals, Iron, and Calcium Citrate you need
  • Non-chewable / Chewable Pill
  • Vanilla scented


  • Watermelon & Butter Toffee flavored chews
  • 3 chews a day give 1500mg of calcium citrate
  • Many fans say they are like chewing Starburst

Bariatric Balance - 1 month supply


  • Vegetarian capsule
  • 1 capsule per day is enough to restore normal gut health
  • 8 different bacteria
  • 15 billion colony forming units (CFUs)


  • Small tablet easy-to-swallow
  • Supports energy metabolism and nervous system health
  • It may improve digestive muscle tone
  • 1 tablet a day gives 100mg B1
  • Reputed to be a mosquito and insect repellent when 100mg or more is taken daily
  • Improve dental post-operative and dry socket pain and healing
  • 100 tablets

FREE Bonuses

Gastric Bypass Starter Kit Bonuses

Every start kit also comes with these free bonuses:

  1. Bariatric Meal Plans: All our meal plans come with 21 meals for the whole week, and 3 snacks for each day. As well as a macronutrient breakdown for all your fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and a shopping list to buy all your ingredients at once. Choose from 1200, 1400, 600 or 1800 calories per day, and Gluten free, Keto, Normal or Vegetarian.
  2. Diet Tracker: Stay on track with your day, with your very own 28-day weight loss challenge. Everything you need to track your weight, meals and calories in this beautiful 10 page tracker.
  3. Long Term Diet Secrets: Learn the best secrets we’ve found from over 7,000+ bariatric surgeries. Including 11 rules to make your long term diet work, 16 great foods to eat and the most important rule for a long term diet.
  4. 5 Tips to Avoid Slow Weight Loss: Worried about hitting a weight loss plateau? Or not losing weight fast enough post surgery? Read this handy guide from a certified nutritionist on how to get back on track losing those pounds.
  5. Weight Gain after Roux -En – Y: In this in-depth guide we set a realistic expectation for weight loss, 6 key factors which can contribute to weight loss and how to prevent weight gain and stay on track.
  6. 7 Bariatric Calculators: Easily calculate your Body Mass Index, Base Metabolic Rate, your total calories burnt per day, calories to eat per day, what macronutrients you need, your estimated weight loss by procedure and your vitamin intake with our simple online calculators.