Bariatric Glow – Hair, Skin & Nails

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Hair and nails

I have been using this product since 9 years now and can really difference hair and nails are stronger.

A Bari Life Customer
Andrea P.

I love these vitamins!

I am so thankful for BariLife vitamins! I have tried quite a few brands and the calcium chews and multivitamins are the best! The calcium chews are so tasty and don’t leave a chalky aftertaste. The multivitamin smells and tastes like vanilla birthday cake. It also goes down very smoothly. I know some are concerned with the size BUT it has a coating that’s helps it slide right down. I already buy these on auto delivery 📦

Diminga B.

Skin actually has a healthy Glow

I love this supplement. Before my skin was very dry and sunken in from my massive weight loss. I have been taking this supplement and my skin has more elasticity and a healthy glow.



I wanted to grow my hair out after many years of short styles. Glow vitamins helped me do this and my hair has never looked better

Melissa H.


My hair has never been healthier. My nails grow unbelievably fast and are strong. My husband said " I don't know what you're doing but keep it up your hair is so shiney,healthy, and thicker" The thicker comment made me so happy I could cry. My hair was always thin. Not anymore!!!!! Love, love, love this supplement!


Bari Life

Hello Melissa, I’m thrilled that you are loving our Bariatric Glow! It’s so great to see our customers enjoying our products and seeing benefits! - Sergio Team Bari Life

Amy V.
United States United States

Real difference!

I had the VSG and I wasn't expecting my hair to fall out, but it did. My friend told me about this product and how it really worked for her after her VSG, so I gave this a try. I'm shocked by the difference after taking this for 3 months. I thought I noticed a difference after 1 month, so I kept taking it and I'm so pleased. I feel like my hair is even better than before now!


Bari Life

Hello Amy, I’m thrilled that you are loving our Bariatric Glow! It’s so great to see our customers enjoying our products and seeing benefits! - Sergio Team Bari Life

Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement (90 Capsules)

Bari Life has created a specially formulated product for bariatric patients to support your natural beauty from within while giving your hair a lustrous sheen, strengthen your nails and make your skin shine! Featuring a balanced combination of vitamins and nutrients, these capsules contain ingredients that are essential for improving hair health, boosting skin health and make your skin vibrant! Rich in Biotin, methylfolate (folate) to strengthen hair, vitamin C to make your skin vibrant, zinc, which plays a structural role in connective tissue during collagen formation and Cynatine HNS, a patented, solubilized keratin. The Bari Life Hair, Skin & Nails supplement is now delivered in a capsule taken three times a day.

bariatric glow hair skin and nails supplement facts

Hair loss after bariatric surgery can be instigated by nutritional and non-nutritional causes while the most common type of hair loss after bariatric surgery is called telogen effiuvium (TE). This condition occurs when there is a reduction in the number of hair follicles of growing hair hence, there will essentially be more dormant/dying hair follicles compared to those in the anagen phase (active growing follicles). TE is not well defined due to very little research, but there are certain conditions that can put people at risk for hair loss including, major surgery, acute weight loss, crash dieting, low protein intake, iron or zinc deficiency and hormonal disruption. Patients who have had bariatric surgery will fall into these “at risk” categories because after bariatric surgery patients will experience acute, rapid weight loss and will also be at risk for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Keratin is a mixture of fibrous proteins that is essential for cell structure, which make up the outer layer of skin and is a major component of hair and nails. The development of this newly patented process makes the keratin molecule more bio-available for absorption.

Benefits of Cynatine® HNS:

  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Increases hair thickness by 12%
  • Decreases hair loss by 30%
  • Improves strength, brightness and appearance of hair

Key Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

Bariatric surgery can put patients at risk for developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies including biotin, iron and zinc, consequently if you are deficient it can cause poor hair, skin and nail health and that’s where Bari Life’s Hair, Skin & Nail Supplement is here to help.

Biotin is essential to build and keep healthy fats in the skin, which keeps the skin moist and healthy, even more, biotin is key in fat and sugar metabolism and can also help to maintain blood sugar levels. It also helps to produce keratin, collagen and elastin.

Vitamin C is also essential for building connective tissues like skin, tendons, joint cartilage and bone and zinc is important for growth, protein synthesis, antioxidant mechanisms and wound healing.

Zinc is an essential mineral that is required in many processes throughout the body. Zinc plays an important structural role in connective tissue during collagen formation. A lack of zinc can increase a skin cell’s exposure to free radicals and impair its function.

Bari Life’s Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement is designed to work in conjunction with Bari Life Bariatric Multivitamin Tablets and Bari Life Multivitamin Powders for a complete vitamin regimen helping to reduce the risks of vitamin deficiencies and their side effects including protecting the health of hair, skin and nails.


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