Clinical Evidence Supports Bari Life

Clinical Evidence Supports Bari Life

We published a study on 309 Gastric Bypass Patients

Summary of Research

  • Bari Life’s All-in-One supplement (multi + calcium + iron) decreased the chance of developing deficiencies by 80-90%.
  • The ASMBS Guidelines are effective for preventing deficiencies in Iron and Vitamins A, B1, B12, and D.
  • Bari Life’s simplified regimen doubled patient compliance.
  • Separation of Calcium and Iron does not need to be mandatory.

Does Bari Life Work Better?

Bari Life’s flagship vitamin products combine all of the vitamins and minerals bariatric patients need to prevent vitamin deficiencies after surgery. From the beginning, our theory was if we can simplify your entire regimen into one single bottle you’ll get better results.

So, in our Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formulas, we combine your multivitamin, calcium and your iron into the same supplement. But how does an all-in-one solution affect:

  1. Vitamin deficiency rates
  2. Patient adherence rates

What we tested in the study

We wanted to test 3 things:

  1. Can you combine everything into an all-in-one supplement likeBari Life (including Calcium & Iron) and prevent deficiencies from developing?
  2. What effect does Bari Life’s simpler all-in-one supplement regimen have on patient adherence (compared to multi-supplement regimens)?
  3. Are the ASMBS Guidelines good enough to prevent vitamin & mineral deficiencies?

The first-ever guidelines

When we decided to do this study the ASMBS Clinical Practice Guidelines were just released and were completely untested. At this point, Flintstone’s vitamins were still being recommended to bariatric patients (which are hardly good enough for kids).

Since Bari Life’s Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula mimics the ASMBS Guidelines for every nutrient, our products were ideal for testing because they virtually represent the guidelines in their entirety.

In 2008 the ASMBS published the first-ever nutritional guidelines for post-bariatric surgery patients.

Bariatric medical professionals were glad to finally have access to published guidelines for nutrition post-bariatric surgery, but they were completely untested in real bariatric patients.

No one knew if the Guidelines were adequate and if they would fend off harmful vitamin and mineral deficiencies long-term.That’s what we felt impelled to find out, so we conducted a study and the results were published in Obesity Surgery, which is a Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal (so it’s legit).

How we conducted the study

The goal of the study was to test the prevention of deficiencies for:

Iron & Vitamins A, D, B1 B12

These are the most prevalent nutrients deficiencies we see in bariatric patients.

We told patients to take Bari Life’s Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula. Either the tablets or the powder form was allowed.

Instructions to participants: “Get it in your body”


After 12 months, the results were astounding. Patients who took the Bari Life Supplements reported a decreased chance of developing deficiencies by 80-90% including iron. This means iron was being absorbed even when taken with calcium.

Also, patients were 100% more compliant because the Bari Life supplement is so easy to use.

Key Findings:

  • Doubles patient compliance
  • Reduces vitamin deficiencies 80-90%

Bari Life Reduces Deficiency Development by 80 – 90%

Patients who took a BariLife supplement decreased their chance of developing deficiencies by up to 90%.

What this means to you as a patient

Instead of juggling 3-5 different supplements every single day you can cut it down to one: Bari Life’s Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula and get everything you need.

You can replace all of your bariatric vitamins with one bottle of Bari Life and actually get better results.

So instead of this…

You should try this!

Bari Life’s Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula. It’s all of your vitamin and mineral needs in one bottle.

  • It’s simple.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s clinically proven.