Meal Plans Bundle

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✔️ 20 Delicious Dietitian created meal plans specifically for your bariatric needs.
✔️ Quick and easy recipes anyone can follow.
✔️ Plan your whole week’s meals with ease.
✔️ Ready-to-print grocery lists.
✔️ Keto, Vegetarian and Gluten Free plans also included.

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Tasty, Quick and Easy Meals for you and the family all week long
The Absolute Best Bariatric Meal Plans

If you’re ready to build the post-op lifestyle you envisioned for yourself…without relying on expensive meal preparation services…painfully complex trips to the grocery store…and zero variety in your diet…these meal plans are for you.

Each plan has been carefully and specifically balanced by a team of dietitians. Each pack gives you:

  • 5 plans for a Normal diet
  • 5 plans for a Vegetarian diet
  • 5 plans for a Ketogenic diet
  • 5 plans for a Gluten-Free diet

For a total of 20 Meal Plans! That’s 20 weeks of delicious, mouthwatering and tailored meal plans to help keep you on track. Imagine sticking to your weight loss diet for 5 months straight. How much weight do you think you could lose in 5 months with a precise diet?

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get:

Easy-to-follow meal planner

Weekly Meal Planner

Easy-to-follow meal planner

  • Beautiful meal schedule so you can visualize your diet for the week ahead.
  • “Leftover” indicator for easy meal storage.
  • Variety to satisfy your taste buds and avoid “flavor fatigue.”

Perfectly balanced calories & macros

Balanced Calories and Macros

Perfectly balanced calories & macros

Each day is carefully calculated and balanced for calories and macros so you know you’re not over (or under) eating. This is the most fool-proof meal plan available for bariatric patients.

Ready-to-print shopping list

Complete Shopping List

Ready-to-print shopping list

Forget the pen and pad of paper. Simply print the provided ready-to-print shopping list and head to the store. We’ve done the calculating for you so you can get in, shop quickly and get out.