Bariatric Pre Op Diet

Bariatric Pre Op Diet

Most bariatric surgery centers require patients to start a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) for the weeks leading up to the surgery. This accomplishes two things:

  1. The VLCD boosts weight loss during the weeks prior to surgery
  2. The VLCD shrinks the left lobe of the liver, which helps the surgeon access the stomach more easily

By rapidly losing weight and shrinking the liver prior to surgery the risk of complications is reduced significantly. It also helps to prepare you for the necessary 4 Phase Diet that is prescribed immediately after surgery.

Putting together your own Pre-Op Bariatric Diet can be difficult, that’s why we made the Bari Life Pre-Op Diet.

Bari Life Bariatric Pre Op Diet

The Bari Life Pre-Op Bariatric Diet is designed to put you in the best condition possible to undergo a surgical procedure. Our diet should help reduce the size of your liver, and in doing so will minimize the risk factors that come with surgery. If you follow the diet as prescribed, you will lose weight and reduce the chances of complications during your procedure.

800 Calorie Pre Op Diet Instructions

800 Calorie Pre-Op Diet Instructions

How long am I on this plan?

The duration of the pre-op bariatric diet depends on your individual BMI. See the below chart to decide which duration best suits you. For help finding your BMI use this calculator:

  • BMI < 38: Exempt from the diet, but you will follow the 2 days of liquids prior to surgery*
  • BMI 38 – 39.9: One Week
  • BMI 40 – 44.9: Two Weeks
  • BMI 50 – 49.9: Three Weeks
  • BMI > 50: Four Weeks

Sample Menus

The following daily menus are perfectly calculated to give you exactly what you need for a bariatric pre-op diet.

Sample Menu 1:

Breakfast: Berry Delicious Smoothie
AM Snack: BBQ Protein Chips
Lunch: Peanut Pretzel Crispy Protein Bar
PM Snack: Beef Bouillon Protein Soup
Dinner: Creamy Chicken Protein Pasta
Evening Snack: Protein Hot Chocolate

Sample Menu 2:

Breakfast: Cinnamon Protein Cereal with 4 oz. skim milk
AM Snack: Pineapple Orange Protein Drink
Lunch: Rockie Road Protein Bar
PM Snack: Sea Salt & Vinegar Protein Chips
Dinner: Chicken Alfredo Protein Pasta
Evening Snack: Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookie

Sample Menu 3:

Breakfast: Golden Delicious Protein Pancake
AM Snack: Mocha Protein Hot Chocolate
Lunch: Chicken Alfredo Protein Pasta
PM Snack: Chocolate Covered Peanut Crispy Protein Bar
Dinner: Beef Soup with Pasta
Evening Snack: Lemon Crispy Protein Bar

Sample Menu 4:

Breakfast: Maple Brown Sugar Protein Oatmeal
AM Snack: Grapefruit Protein Drink
Lunch: Cream of Broccoli Protein Soup
PM Snack: Dill Pickle Protein Krinkles
Dinner: Creamy Chicken Protein Pasta
Evening Snack: Cinnamon Protein Hot Chocolate

Things you SHOULD do:

  • Call your doctor if you’re on diabetes medication prior to starting your 800 calorie pre-op bariatric diet
  • Eat/Drink ALL 6 servings of Bari Life supplements per day
  • Drink 64 oz of non-caloric beverages every day (fluids included in protein shakes count)
  • Mix protein supplements with water
  • Space supplements out throughout the day to prevent low blood sugar and hunger
  • Take 1 serving (3 tablets/1 scoop) of Bari Life’s Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula per day
  • Take a fiber supplement like Benefiber daily
  • Switch to 6 liquid supplements the 2 days before surgery

Things you SHOULD NOT do:

  • Eat any other foods on the pre-op bariatric diet
  • Eat/Drink any other protein supplements other than Bari Life supplements
  • Mix the protein supplements with milk

How much weight will I lose on this plan?

While it’s hard to say exactly how much weight you’ll lose and your results may vary, the average patient loses between 6 – 10 lbs per week on the pre-op bariatric diet.

What food or supplements do I use during the pre-op bariatric diet?

The pre-op bariatric diet utilizes 100% supplements. This diet is not intended for long-term usage. It is a means to prepare you for surgery in the best way possible to ensure that your procedure is a successful one.

Bari Life supplements fit perfectly into the pre-op bariatric diet because they are high protein, low calorie, low carbohydrate and low fat. Using Bari Life Supplements on this plan will give your body the protein that it needs while restricting your calories to ~800 per day.

Bariatric Pre-Op Starter Bundle Kits
Start Your Pre-Bariatric Surgery Diet Now

1 week Pre Op Diet

For BMI 38 – 39.9

2 week Pre Op Diet

For BMI 40 – 44.9

3 week Pre Op Diet

For BMI 50 – 49.9

*Always follow your bariatric surgical center’s recommendation for the days leading up to surgery. This is a typical guideline, but your center’s instructions may differ. Always follow the instructions of YOUR bariatric center or seek approval for Bari Life’s protocols before starting.