Bariatric Protein Supplements

Chewy or Crispy?
Popular Protein Bars

Our protein bars are a top-seller and come in a variety of different flavors to jazz up your routine.  We have a variety of  popular chewy protein bars and crispy protein bar flavors. No matter what your crave – these are a must-have for bariatric patients!

Bari Life Breakfast
Start Your Morning with Protein

Bari Life’s collection of protein breakfast goods gives you the protein you need AND the food is delicious. Continue to enjoy what you eat and live a healthier life! Choose between classic breakfast favorites such as protein pancakes, oatmeal, cereal, and more.

Drinks for Every Season
Bariatric Drinks

Finding something to drink that doesn’t have hundreds of calories and provides a dose of protein is basically impossible. Not anymore! Shop Bari Life’s collection of hot chocolate, smoothies, shakes, and instant bottle protein drinks.

Bon Appetit - Bariatric Style
Bariatric Pasta & Entrees

Meal planning on a bariatric diet just got easier. Bari Life’s collection of healthy and protein-packed entrees will make feeding you and your family a breeze. Shop from classic favorites such as Chicken Alfredo or Sloppy Joes!

Bari Life® Bariatric Protein Supplements
Protein Options That Taste Great!

Bari Life’s collection of protein-packed goods offers a variety of snacks, breakfast items, specialty drinks, and more! Getting the proper amount of protein on a bariatric diet can be a challenge so Bari Life created a line of goods to help that diet seem less strenuous. Enjoy delicious food and drink while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.