1200 Calorie Meal Plan After Bariatric Surgery

By Derek

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How you prepare for bariatric surgery sets the stage for your success in post-op life.

Learn exactly how to prepare for your surgery below.

Stay on track after bariatric surgery with this no prep meal plan

Your diet post-bariatric surgery evolves over time. How you eat right after surgery is not how you’ll eat 1 year out from surgery. How you eat 1 year out from surgery is not how you’ll eat 5 years out from surgery. As your weight loss progresses so will your diet and how you adapt over time will play a major role in your ongoing weight loss success.

This 1200 calorie meal plan is extremely simple. Very little prep is needed and you can actually get by without any prep with this plan if you don’t want to cook or don’t have time. Whether you’re 1 year out from having your bariatric surgery or 10 years out, this meal plan will help sustain weight loss and can even instigate further weight loss if you’ve been struggling with weight regain or a plateau.

Protein supplements are a primary focus in this diet. Bari Life’s protein supplements are going to be your best choice for optimal protein intake without the additional calories that other supplements contain.  Keep in mind all of the recommended options have been selected by bariatric medical professionals with your specific bariatric needs in mind.


1 Pudding or Shake Supplement
• 1 Fruit*

Morning Snack

1 Pudding or Shake Supplement


• Less than 400 calories. 1 frozen entrée can be a great option for this meal such as, Weight Watchers/Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, or Kashi. You can also consider combining a Bari Life protein entrée with a Bari Life protein soup and savory protein snack for maximum protein.

Afternoon Snack

Protein Bar


1 Starch
• 5oz Lean Meat
• 2 Vegetables
1 Optional

Evening Snack

1 Pudding or Shake Supplement


Drink 64 oz of fluids per day to stay hydrated. You also need to ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake with additional bariatric vitamins. Use one of Bari Life’s Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula options to cover all of your vitamin and mineral needs including all of your daily iron and calcium.

Protein Supplements Needed

Bars: 1/day
Shakes: 3/day

* Fruit Amounts

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**Dinner Meal Selection List

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