800 Calorie Meal Plan

By Guinn Garcia

What to eat on 800 calorie diet?

When you’re told to go on an 800 calorie diet or if you want to try one after bariatric surgery it can be hard to know what foods to eat. At Bari Life, we have made it easy for you to stick with your calorie goal while getting all of the necessary nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

When you decide to go on an 800 calorie diet, your body is in a caloric deficit and it’s even more important that you get the right kinds of macros for your body to maintain muscle and lose body fat.

Protein supplements play the most important role when you’re on an 800 calorie diet as you will see in our example 800 calorie meal plan below.


• Bari Life Protein Shake or Protein Bar
• 2 Tbsp Benefiber mixed into a non-caloric beverage

Morning Snack

• Bari Life Protein Shake


• Bari Life Protein Supplement
• Nutrition Bar or Bari Life Protein Bar (150-170 calories)

Afternoon Snack

• Bari Life Protein Shake


• Bari Life Protein Shake or Protein Bar
• 2 Tbsp Benefiber mixed into a non-caloric beverage

Evening Snack

• Bari Life Protein Bar (150-170 calories)


Drink at least 8 cups of water or non-caloric beverages daily (Crystal Light, Powerade Zero, decaf tea, decaf coffee, and other beverages that are less than 5 calories per serving are acceptable).

Take supplements at regular intervals (every 2-3 hours). If your schedule interferes with your timing, or if you get too busy, you may double up and eat two supplements together.

Be sure to take all the prescribed supplements. Your supplements are not just food; they provide essential nutrients that allow you to maintain your health while losing weight safely. Follow the mixing instructions provided on the back of the supplements.

Using one of Bari Life’s Complete Bariatric Vitamin Regimens is crucial during an 800 calorie diet because it fills in all of the gaps and supplies your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

You can choose between the Complete Bariatric Vitamin Tablet, Powder, or Just One & BariBurst Duo. This is very important because on a very low-calorie high protein diet you are at risk for nutritional deficiencies.

2 Week Plan

Bars: 8 Boxes
Shakes: 28 shakes (combination of pudding shakes or bottle shakes)
4 Week Plan

Bars: 16 Boxes
Shakes: 56 shakes (combination of pudding shakes or bottle shakes)

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