Bari Life’s Peaches and Cream Protein Popsicles

By Bari Life Team
Bari Life’s Peaches and Cream Protein Popsicles Bari Life

Peaches and Cream Protein Popsicles for the win!

These homemade bariatric friendly popsicles are the perfect summer treat to beat the heat! The best part is they’re an absolutely delicious low calorie snack that’s packed with 10 grams of protein!

Peaches are so ripe and juicy this time of year. If you’re like us and live in the South then you’ve probably already bought a large bag at a roadside stand somewhere. They are too darn good to pass up when they’re in season!

Only 3 ingredients for this creamy classic treat! Writing up the instructions takes longer than actually making them! The next time you are craving something cold and sweet make sure you’ve got these waiting for you in the freezer.

These will keep you on the right track for your weight loss goals and bariatric diet.

Supplies needed:

Bari Life’s Peaches and Cream Protein Popsicles Bari Life

1. Bari Life Vanilla Protein Pudding/Shake – 7 packets come in one box. You only need 2-3 packets to make 4 large popsicles!
2. Fat Free Skim Milk – 4oz of cold milk for each packet
3. Fresh Peaches – we used 1 large peach for 4 popsicles

Note: If you don’t want a vanilla base you can always choose your favorite Bari Life Protein Pudding/Shake flavor. You could easily make these with our Strawberry, Banana and Cheesecake as well!

Bari Life’s Peaches and Cream Protein Popsicles Bari Life

The Bari Life Vanilla Protein Pudding/Shakes are so quick and easy to make. For the pudding consistency, which we will be making today, you only add 4 ounces of milk (or water) for each packet.

For a shake consistency, you add 8 ounces of milk (or water). If you use water instead of milk it will produce an icy pop instead of a creamy pop. Using water would reduce the calories as well.

The vanilla mix can be used in countless recipes. Not only is this product Gluten Free, but it is Soy Free too! One packet has only 80 calories and 15 grams of protein per serving.

We love this classic popsicle mold for summer, but you can use any popsicle mold your heart desires! =) When you are making your popsicles be sure to fill the molds first with water, then pour the water into a measuring cup. This will give you the amount that you are supposed to add to each popsicle mold. Most popsicle molds hold 1/4 cup.

Bari Life’s Peaches and Cream Protein Popsicles Bari Life

Dice 1 large peach (or cut it up anyway you prefer)! Separate the diced peach into 4 equal parts to go into the 4 molds.

For the 4 popsicles in this recipe we only needed 2 packets of Bari Life’s Vanilla Protein Pudding mixes. Add 8 oz. of fat free milk when you use only 2 packets.

Bari Life’s Peaches and Cream Protein Popsicles Bari Life

Each of these molds used 1/4 cup of the vanilla pudding mixture. Measure out 1/4 cup of the pudding mixture and then add one of the 4 parts of the diced peaches.

Mix the peaches in the measuring cup and then pour the peach mixture into a mold, stick in the popsicle stick and freeze for at least a few hours. It’s easiest just to leave them in overnight. They can stay in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy!

When they’re ready just run warm water over them and they should slide right out!

Note: If you are using wooden popsicle sticks be sure to soak them in water for a few minutes and then freeze them for a while. This will make sure your mixture adheres to the stick! If you don’t do this the popsicle stick will slide right out of the pop leaving the mixture in the mold. We don’t want that!

Bari Life’s Peaches and Cream Protein Pops



  1. Pour the 2 packets of Bari Life Vanilla Protein Pudding/Shake into a bowl. Add 8 ounces of cold milk. Beat with a whisk until the powder has dissolved.
  2. Dice 1 large peach and divide into 4 equal parts.
  3. Measure out 1/4 cup of the Vanilla Pudding Mixture and add 1 of the 4 parts of the diced peach.
  4. Evenly distribute the peach pieces in the vanilla mix.
  5. Pour mixture into the mold and add popsicle stick.
  6. When all molds are filled freeze for at least a few hours

1 Serving: 1 Popsicle is only 60 calories and has 10 grams of protein!

You’re going to love eating this protein packed peaches and cream popsicle treat! Perfect for #MyBariatricSummer!

Bari Life’s Peaches and Cream Protein Popsicles Bari Life

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