Secrets to Healthy Skin

By Bari Life

Here at Bari Life we know everyone wants to put their “best face forward.” While bariatric vitamins help replenish your body, Bari Life has secrets to help you maintain your fresh, glowing and pretty skin.

Eat Breakfast

Nothing says healthy like a glowing complexion. As people age, it becomes harder to maintain that youthful glow.

Of course, taking your vitamins and supplements will help your body from the inside out, but there is one very important thing you can do to help achieve beautiful skin: eat breakfast. Try these three breakfasts that are not only tasty, they aid in helping you achieve youthful, pretty skin:

  1. Oatmeal and fruit – In addition to being good for your heart, an oatmeal and fruit breakfast may improve your complexion. Not to mention, oatmeal and fruit is very filling and will leave you feeling full for hours.
  2. Protein smoothies with strawberry and kiwi – In a rush every morning? Blend up a protein smoothie with strawberries and kiwis and get a hefty dose of skin-smoothing vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis and helps prevent wrinkles.
  3. Protein pancakes with walnuts – Whip up some tasty protein pancakes and top them with a few tablespoons of walnuts, an excellent source of ALA omega-3 fatty acids that also boost skin health.

There’s more to getting healthy, glowing skin than buying the perfect anti-aging skincare products. Start your morning off right by whipping up any one of these beauty-boosting breakfasts filled with vitamins and nutrients. They’re full of beauty foods that protect your skin and help you stay young-looking, fresh and radiant!

To your health!

The Bari Life Team

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