Our Winter Warmer Giveaway!

By Matthew Nelson

2018 Winter Warmer Giveaway Has Ended

The best way to warm up in the winter is with our creamy, delicious, protein packed hot chocolates which is why we gave a chance for four lucky winners to win a supply shipped directly to their house this winter! We hope you had the chance to enter this contest because we always have a little something to share with all of the entrants!

Winter Warmer Prize Details

Three Runner-ups will each win 1 box of our delicious Protein Hot Chocolate Variety Box that includes one packet of each of our different hot chocolate flavors including: Classic Hot Chocolate, Classic w/ Marshmallows, Cappuccino, Irish Cream, Amaretto, Cinnamon, Mint & Mocha!

The one Grand Prize Winner will receive over $100 dollars worth of our full hot chocolate line including 1 box of each of the flavors listed above (8 Boxes)! All of these decadent hot protein drinks are between 80 and 90 calories and have 14g-15g of protein! Not to mention 1 gram of fat or less!

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway! We have another contest coming up and next time the winner could be you! Stay tuned for our next contest by following us on social media and signing up for our email notifications! We’ll officially announce all the details (and the exciting prize) next month!

The Winners List

Grand Prize – Luis & Moriah M. from California!
Husband and Wife who have teamed up for Bariatric Weight Loss! They both decided to have the VSG procedure in 2018 and they are supporting each other on the journey to fitness!

Our Winter Warmer Giveaway! Bari Life

Moriah began her journey on November 11, 2018 when she had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. She has already lost 24 pounds with a goal of losing 50 more pounds! We know that she can reach her goal and we are thrilled for the amazing progress she has made in just 7 weeks! The greatest journeys are those you can take together with the person you love, which makes it even sweeter that her teammate on this journey is none other than her darling husband!

Our Winter Warmer Giveaway! Bari Life

Luis began his journey on August 1, 2018 when he had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and is already down 122 pounds! This couple is an amazing team and we are thrilled for them and their shared motivation to improve their health and enhance their lives!

Runner-up – Keisha C. from Texas

Runner-up – Troy T.

Runner-up – Mary M. from Texas


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