Calcium & Iron

Yes, you can take calcium and iron in the same supplement...

Despite traditional advice, you can still absorb iron even when taken at the same time as a calcium supplement. Here’s how...

In the past, we’ve been told that calcium and iron should be separated in our diet because calcium will block the absorption of iron when they are taken at the same time.

In other words, your body will only absorb calcium and you won’t get the benefit of the iron.

It turns out, this isn’t completely true.

See, there are actually 2 main dietary sources of iron that we have easy access to.

The first is heme—this is the one that gets blocked by Calcium.

The other is nonheme — Studies have shown that the absorption of nonheme iron is minimally affected by Calcium.

So your dietitian’s advice to not take your calcium with meals is solid advice—but it only applies to HEME iron.

That is, don’t take your calcium supplement and then eat a steak dinner.

Bari Life Uses Nonheme Iron

Bari Life uses Ferrous Fumarate, a nonheme form of iron in its Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formula so the combination of calcium and iron is not an issue.

Our all-in-one formula was initially based on scores of scientific research that definitively showed that calcium and nonheme iron can be taken simultaneously without significant competition for absorption. We published a study to show it works, too and here’s what we found:

Summary of Research:

  • Bari Life’s All-in-One supplement (multi + calcium + iron) decreased the chance of developing deficiencies by 80-90%.
  • Bari Life’s simplified regimen doubled patient compliance.
  • Separation of Calcium and Iron does not need to be mandatory.

Complete. Effective. Simple.

So with our Complete Bariatric Vitamin Formulas, we know that our customers are taking their iron, and we have proven that it works quite well….

If you want to be a vitamin purist, then don’t take your calcium with your steak – that’s good advice, but in supplements, you’re going to be okay.

But if you do it the Bari Life way you’ll find your vitamins are much simpler, much more affordable and more effective.