4 Phase Diet – Phase 4: Stabilization Diet

4 Phase Diet – Phase 4: Stabilization Diet

Phase 3: Soft Food


You’ve made it through the liquid, pureed food and soft food phases. Now it’s time to start the Stabilization Phase. At this point in your post-op journey, you’ll be able to eat food of normal consistency. However, you still need to be diligent with your diet and work towards your goal weight.

The start date for Phase 4 begins at 6 months after surgery for all procedure types.

You’ll follow this diet until you reach the ideal weight you set with your surgeon and dietitian. So depending on how quickly you lose weight, the duration of this phase will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Phase 4 Goals

The goal of Phase 4 is to reach your goal weight quickly. Your pouch and GI tract is healed and can handle normal foods at normal consistencies, but it’s important to use your nutrient goals to measure whatever you decide to eat

Phase 4 Nutrient Goals:

→Women: 60 grams
→Men: 75 grams
→BPD/DS: 90 grams
Carbs: 30-60 grams
Fat: 30 grams

Keys to thriving in Phase 4

Serving sizes for Phase 4 are bigger than they were for Phase 3, now your meal sizes are between 4-6 ounces for the total meal.

Phase 4 Eating Rules Plate Example

Eat these food groups in this order:

  • First: Protein
  • Second: Fruits/Vegetables
  • Third: Starches

Hold off on drinking anything during your meals and 30 minutes after. It’s easier to eat more food when you drink during your meal and immediately after. The fluid basically flushes the food through your GI tract faster and “makes room.” You don’t want this when you’re trying to restrict your calories and food intake.

Do not SNACK.

You can and should use protein shakes in between your proper 3 meals per day as a snack. Think of “bad snacking” as anything you do outside of your 3 meals that’s not planned.

What to eat in Phase 4

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