Helping you stay on the path to healthy

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Helping you stay on the path to healthy Bari Life

Bari Life Bariatric Vitamins and Supplements knows how small decisions and behaviors can have huge consequences as well as results. When you make the decision to have weight loss surgery, bariatric vitamins and supplements will be instrumental in helping you maintain lasting results.

Eat, Exercise, and Listen

In his feature column on the Obesity Action Coalition’s website, Dr. Stephen Boyce offers tips for those beginning their journey to weight loss. In his first of many articles, Dr. Boyce discusses the importance of preparing yourself – both mentally and physically – for your upcoming weight loss surgery. He offers three tips to better prepare yourself both before and after surgery:

  1. Eat – Unfortunately, eating the proper foods is not intuitive. Learning how to eat the right foods will help provide the right fuel for your body and your brain. Of course, learning how to incorporate vitamins and supplements into your healthy eating routine will be key to successful weight loss.
  2. Exercise – Once you learn how to eat the right foods, you will soon learn that these types of foods will provide the fuel to help you get up and get moving. Incorporating exercise into your routine also will help you sleep better, leaving you feeling more refreshed and energized as you begin each day.
  3. Listen – Losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges a person will ever attempt. And making the decision to have weight loss surgery can be both exciting and scary. It is important to listen to the experienced team of bariatric coordinators, dietitians and exercise physiologists who will help you, motivate you and keep you on the right path, while making sure you are following a proper exercise, eating, and vitamin and supplement regimen.

Once you make the decision to have weight loss surgery, you instantly have started on the path to improve your odds of living longer and stronger. With that one small step, you have begun to create a culture of health around you. Rethink every next step, such as taking your vitamins and supplements, with this in mind. Every small step you take puts you closer to your goal.

To your health!

The Bari Life Team
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