The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There

By Derek
The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There Bari Life

Have you ever closed your eyes and fantasized about the day you’d step on the scale and see a weight starting with the number one?

Then you, my friend, have had the same dream that many of us bariatric patients have had. The dream of the ever pursued ONEderland.

And I am here to tell you that it is real, and you CAN get there.

ONEderland Is A Monumental Milestone

The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There Bari Life

In the bariatric community, reaching ONEderland is a rite of passage. It says to people, “Look at me! I’m out here doing this!” It symbolizes the entryway to your body’s healthy weight. Therefore, it is hugely celebrated. And it should be!

I often think of it like this: You’ve headed off on a cross country trip and have just entered the last state. Finally, your destination is visible, and you are overcome with a satisfactory relief. Trust me, I know this weight loss journey is hard.

Expectedly, there have been days that you’ve felt like a failure. Or maybe you faced times it seemed like that goal weight was just too far out of reach. But reaching ONEderland does something beyond letting you know that you’re physically capable. It gives your mind relief as well.

ONEderland is an enormous game-changer, and here’s why:

  • You’re entering territory you haven’t been in for a long time, maybe even since childhood.
  • If you’ve been experiencing any doubt, Onederland is in-your-face proving to you that you’ve got this.

ONEderland Gifts You With A Huge Sense Of Accomplishment

The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There Bari Life

Let’s go back to that road trip. Picture this: you’ve been driving for days. You’ve changed a few flat tires, had to pull over for gas, and pushed through exhaustion. Then, boom! You roll on into that last town.

At that moment, every step along the way becomes worth it. That is what ONEderland is – a payoff for all of your hard work and dedication.

Seeing that number on the scale is tangible evidence of your accomplishments. You can literally pick that scale up and hold the proof in your hands! ONEderland is also the time during your post-op journey where your health makes a bold appearance.

Not carrying around all of that excess weight makes even regular activities possible and enjoyable. If you’ve been taking medications for obesity-related health problems, you may be able to lower your dosages or even stop taking your medicine completely.

Of course, only your doctor can determine those types of changes for you so always speak with your medical team.

Depending on your starting weight, you may have had a hard time getting moving. But getting into the lower weight categories means your cardiovascular system has less of a load to carry. Being closer to your goals means you should be able to exercise longer and harder.

ONEderland is where you can really start to focus on making that body strong! Doesn’t that feel amazing?!

Reaching ONEderland Is The Ultimate Encouragement

The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There Bari Life

Yes, you may have had surgery to help you on your journey. But remember, YOU did this! You drove yourself to ONEderland and you deserve to throw yourself a party!

We become obese for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to):

  • Lack of education on healthy food choices
  • Disordered eating
  • Trauma
  • Genetics
  • Medical Conditions

But landing in ONEderland shows you that you do have the power to take control of yourself. It is proof that you believe in yourself. Think back on your life and what led you to obesity? What drove you to seek out weight loss surgery?

ONEderland is the perfect place to reflect on where you’ve been and set new goals for your future. You can see how far you’ve come – go be unstoppable!

Successful bariatric patients have chosen to respect their bodies and love themselves.

You didn’t get this far from making poor decisions for yourself. So use ONEderland as fuel to push you to help you continue making good choices. Don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal – a comfortable, healthy, and sustainable weight.

Not Yet In ONEderland? Not To Fret!

Maybe you are doing pre-op research, are newly post-op, or took one too many detours and now fear you’ll never reach your goals. Regardless of where you are, I am going to let you in on the secret entrance to ONEderland. Firstly, the biggest thing to remember is that you absolutely CAN do this.

Follow your doctor’s nutritional guidelines.

The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There Bari Life

Plans can vary from surgeon to surgeon, but it is extremely important to follow the diet given to you by your team. From the beginning liquid and soft food stages all the way through to eating tougher proteins and raw produce, your plan is designed with your best healing and success in mind.

Your plan will give you specific amounts, weights, and types of foods to eat. These are typically higher in protein and lower in fat and sugar. Your doctor should outline your macronutrient (protein, fat, carbs) goals for you. And in the majority of cases, they will not recommend that you follow diet plans such as keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, etc.

It doesn’t matter if your friend does keto or your neighbor is vegan…if you want to be successful, do what the doc requires of you.

Hit your fluid goals – EVERY DAY.

The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There Bari Life

Yup, I’m all caps on this one. Because water is your lifeline. Physically, it keeps your organs working properly. It keeps your digestive system regulated. Also, drinking enough water (and by enough I mean lots) prevents bloat and water weight gain.

Countless people end up frustrated because of stalls or even small gains caused by water weight. Ultimately, the amount of water you should be drinking each day should be outlined in your doctor’s post-op nutrition instructions.

On some plans, protein shakes and other non-carbonated beverages can be counted towards your fluid goals. If you have specific questions about this, consult your surgery team.

Don’t skimp on your supplements!

The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There Bari Life

This is one of the hardest things to stay consistent on, but it is vitally important. You are already eating much less than a normal person. Because of that, a post-op supplement regimen is created to replace vitamins and minerals that you will not be able to adequately obtain from your diet.

Your journey to Onederland hinges on your body being at its healthiest. You wouldn’t drive a car 1000 miles with no oil or fuel – so do not think that you can achieve maximum weight loss if your body is constantly fighting for what it needs to survive.

Get your mind right.

The Ever Pursued ONEderland – What It Is And How To Get There Bari Life

This entire process is a lifestyle change and you have to be ready for it. You should be excited for it! Thousands of bariatric patients have reached their goal weight and there isn’t a single reason why you can’t be one of them.

But preparation is everything – have your meals planned out, have that water bottle topped off, have your supplements stocked up, and have your exercise goals written down.

Keep this in mind: The body follows where the mind goes…so you need to fuel your mind well in order for your body to get well.

ONEderland Is Only The End Of The Beginning.

There is no secret, pill, technique, product, or ‘press me’ button that will launch you into success. Because success is a daily practice, not a destination. For the greatest outcome, you have to keep showing up, keep doing the work, keep making healthy choices, keep moving your body, and keep taking personal inventory.

ONEderland isn’t the end of your journey. Rather, it is a start to a new leg of it. Remember how confused Alice was when she fell down that rabbit hole? It might take you a little time, but as I said in the beginning, our ONEderland is real and you CAN get there.


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  1. I had Roux and Y back in 2005. I lost around 100 lbs in the beginning, but now 15 years later I struggle to keep myself under 200. I would like to take 50 pounds off and would love some help. I usually lose about 25, get satisified and eventually gain it back. Thanks so much for your interest and consideration.

  2. I lost roughly 100 lbs. I’ve put weight back on an it’s been so long since my weight started with a 1???? My energy is almost Neal? Can u help but don’t have a lot of money. My insurance is Signa health springs.

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